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Introducing Sagehen Connect

With the launch of Pomona College's new alumni app, Sagehen Connect, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Kara Everin offers this video walk-through to help new users get started.

Sagehen Connect

The Pomona College Alumni Office launched the Sagehen Connect mobile app on Oct. 31, 2013. The app provides alumni with a powerful tool for staying connected to one another and to the College. We hope you will find this a valuable resource in helping you stay engaged in the lives of your classmates and with the College. Features of the app include mobile access to:

- Pomona’s full alumni directory (searchable by name, class year, company or grad school)
- A “Nearby” function that lets you search by location and view the results on a map
- Alumni information seamlessly integrated with LinkedIn
- The Pomona alumni events calendar
- Pomona’s Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube news streams
- Pomona-Pitzer Sports
- The Timeline of Pomona College History

Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices are compatible?

The Sagehen Connect app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The application is supported on Android version 2.3 and above. The most current version and one previous version of the iOS operating system is supported. Currently, that is iOS 6 and iOS7.

What if I don't have a mobile device?

The Sagehen Connect app is only available for mobile devices. Much of its functionality, however, will soon be available for desktop and laptop computers on Pomona's upcoming Online Alumni Community.

How do I get the app?

The Sagehen Connect mobile app is available for free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Who will have access to the app?

The app is currently available to alumni of the College.

Can I opt out?

Yes. Simply email optout@pomona.edu or call (909) 621-8110 or 1-888-SAGEHEN to tell us you do not want to be part of this new alumni community. When you opt out, your information will not be searchable from within the app nor from the Online Alumni Directory. If you have opted out and/or hidden elements of your profile in the Online Alumni Directory in the past, your information has already been excluded from the Sagehen Connect mobile app. If you change your mind later, simply contact us and we will happily reinstate you.

How do I log in?

Sagehen Connect is limited to Pomona College alumni. To log in, you will need to enter your name and email address, after which you will receive an email from us with further instructions. Make sure you open this email from the same device on which you are trying to install the app! (If you don’t see an email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder.)

If the email you enter matches the address on file in our database, you will be granted immediate access to the app. If we cannot match your email address, you will be prompted to contact the Alumni Office for further assistance.

Note: After initially logging in, your information will be saved and you will not be required to log in again for 30 days.

What is the College’s Privacy Policy?

The College’s Privacy Policy can be found here.

What personal information will be available for alumni to see?

The contact information displayed in Sagehen Connect will be identical to the view offered traditionally through our printed and online directories. The mobile app will respect the same permissions established in your Online Directory Profile. If you’ve forgotten how your information is being displayed in the directory, please look out for an email from “Pomona College Alumni Relations” on Oct. 24. This message will contain a complete list of information associated with your personal profile.

Can I update, edit, or hide my personal information in the app?

To edit or hide your personal information in the app, press the "Suggest an Update" button on the bottom of your profile and tell us what you’d like us to add, change or remove. Please allow up to 48 hours for your request to be processed.

Can I send you information about other alumni?

Yes! To suggest an update for a fellow Sagehen, click “Suggest an Update” at the bottom of his/her profile. We’ll verify the information we receive and update their record accordingly.

How do I find alumni outside of my current location?

Click the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of the map. This will allow you to enter a specific town, state, country, or address to search. Zoom out by pinching two fingers together on the screen and then trail one finger to the desired area on the map. Location of alumni will be represented by pushpins on the map.

Does the app show my current, real-time location?

No, your current location is not tracked by the app. The “Nearby” function merely pins your home and/or business address, and will never show where you are located physically at that moment.

Can I narrow down results to alumni in my class?

Yes. Simply enter your class year in the search field of the directory.

Can I email or call another alumnus/a from the app?

Yes, if the alumnus/a chooses to display his/her email or phone number. While in the Directory, tap the email address of the alum you wish to contact and your email provider will generate a message. If you click the phone number, your phone will dial the number.

How do I connect the app with my LinkedIn account?

To connect the app to your LinkedIn account, go to the "Settings" option and click on the "Manage Accounts" selection. This will allow you to log into LinkedIn and sync that profile with your Sagehen Connect account. Any information provided by LinkedIn will be noted by a LinkedIn icon on your app profile. If your work address (or anything else) is different than what is displaying in the app, send us an update!

Why can’t I connect the app with my Facebook account?

The app is not designed to sync with Facebook.

How can I see upcoming alumni events?

Click the “Events” icon.

333 N. College Way | Claremont, CA 91711 | (909) 621-8000